Monday, 29 August 2011 Reviews Highlight the Order Tracking Facility of Company is one of the most reputable providers of generic looking fake degrees, diplomas and transcripts at reasonable prices. Its transcripts and degrees are the exact replicas of original certificates and are custom made to meet the needs of clients. reviews show that the firm has appointed a highly professional team of designers who work closely with customers to get everything right for their orders. To give certificates more authenticity, the company prints all its novelty documents on premium quality paper purchased from a supplier that provides the same paper to many US based Universities. For transcripts, a special type of security paper, also known as tamper-proof or non-reproduction paper is used. The company customizes security paper with various features like watermarks and other security features to create an exact copy of the original document.

The registrar’s signature and seal of the university are included, so nobody can find out that it is a fake certificate, fake degree or fake transcript. As per complaints, the designers put a lot of effort into the signatures on fake transcripts or diplomas and conduct extensive research for the purpose. Using the latest printing techniques, newest imaging methods and latest technologies, they ensure that the certificates are as authentic as possible. They utilize a special autopen device to re-create accurate signature. Moreover, the company also offers a unique Rush Printing service to meet the needs of customers who are dealing with tight deadlines. As per this service, the company designs, creates and prints the ordered document within the duration of 72 hours. Before sending the final document, the firm first sends a proof through e-mail and ships the package only after the customer has approved that proof. Using the order tracking facility offered by the company, customers can check the current status of their orders within 8 hours just by giving e-mail address. reviews show that the company takes extra care in producing fake degrees or diplomas, and ensures that these documents can stand up to nearly any type of scrutiny.

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